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Professor Bryan (Jeff) McKendricks brings academia, research, and classroom teaching experience to the founding Board with more than 12 years of experience in the field of education as a  trained anthropologist. Jeff holds dual Masters degrees in Education and Anthropology, and is a full time professor of Anthropology at Palomar Community College, and teaches classes at Mt San Jacinto Community College as well. He is an expert in cognitive behavior and is currently researching human and non-human primate cognition and impulse behaviors. Jeff is an annual guest lecturer at UCLA, UC Berkeley, and the Claremont Colleges, and was recently recognized as the 2015 Community College Teacher of the Year in Anthropology. Since 2008 Jeff has also led a community service project, All About Anthro, which brings anthropology to a larger group outside the university. The project gives guided docent primate tours at local museums and zoos providing professors and college students an opportunity to volunteer in small projects at the local level. His goal in education is to promote students on their journey to become active learners in the classroom. Jeff resides in Menifee with his wife and their grandchildren nearby.

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